Visiting hours and fees


  •  Thematic trips and presentations;
  •  Theatrical thematic trip «Bucovina’s traditional kitchen » including tasting traditional dishes;
  •  Permanent thematic exhibitions out of the museum collections;
  •  Photos and videos of a traditional Bucovina wedding;
  •  Theatrical registration of marriages, in order to get marriage certificates in the old format;
  •  Photographing and filming newly-wed couples;
  •  Modern wedding ceremony.

Research trip within the museum exhibition

«Folk architecture and life of  Bucovina villages at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century”

Traditional Bucovina dwellings

Traditional interiors of Bucovina dwellings

Theatrical thematic trip

«Bucovina traditional kitchen”


using the agriculture tools of Bucovina population»

Bucovina pottery products »

«The Churches and Monasteries from the south and north of Bucovina

 (aquarelle copies of artist V.Korotenko, after the paintings of the Romanian artist Fon Reţori)

« The Mayoralty and gendarmerie

 in the life of the rural population from Bucovina »


- «samples of Bucovina artistic ornaments»

- «traditional folk costumes from Bucovina »

- «painted eggs from Bucovina » (before Easter

 Mobile exhibitions of the museum



In the latest years, there is a significantly growing interest of young people to study the customs and traditions of our ancestors. In this aim, the museum specialists have developed a script of a traditional wedding as it was performed at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th which includes the following sections (photos and videos included for each section):

   - match-making                                       - exchange of gifts

   - picking the periwinkle                           - covering the bride

   - braiding the wreath                              - recording the marriage at the Mayoralty

   - blessing                                                   (the civil marriage)

During the ceremony for marriage registration, the candidates get the proof of their marriage


Wedding photos and videos having the museum as an architectural background.




  1. For students  – 3 hryvnia
  2. For adults      – 5 hryvnia.
  3. Itinerary exhibitions:

 - for students    – 2 hryvnia.

 - for adults        – 5 hryvnia. 

   4. Trips

   Museum tour: 

- group of students   – 20 hryvnia.

- group of adults       – 40 hryvnia.

   Thematic (theatrical) trip «Bucovina traditional kitchen» :

- group of students (15 people)   – 300 hryvnia.

- group of adults   (15 people)     – 375 hryvnia.

    5. Other services:

- regular photos                         – 10 hryvnia.

- regular filming                         – 40 hryvnia.

- professional photos (objects)  –  50 hryvnia.  (75 hryvnia.)

- wedding                                   – 100 hryvnia.+ tickets

    6. Organizing the modern wedding ceremony  – 300 hryvnia.

    7. For spending leisure time (birthday, holidays) using small architecture:

- for adults        – 15 hryvnia.

- for students    – 10 hryvnia.

    8. Organizing the traditional Bucovina wedding ceremony:

 - welcoming and joining the wedding group by carriage – 200 hryvnia.

 - the wedding ceremony (match-making, engagement, braiding the wreath, blessing, exchange of gifts, covering the bride, taking the bride by the groom):

      – 300 hryvnia.(with the own props of the client)

- 500 hryvnia. (museum’s props).

- The actual wedding ceremony – picking the periwinkle – 50 hryvnia.

- Organizing the wedding at the St Nicholas Church– 200 hryvnia.

- Setting up a theatrical recording of a civil marriage in a rural mayoralty – 200 hryvnia.

- Folk music background for all ceremony phases, except for the wedding– 500 hryvnia.


Visiting Hours

The Museum is open:       

  • from 01.11. to  28.02.  – between 10 a.m to 4 p.m
  • from 01.03. to 30.04.  – between 10 a.m to 5 p.m
  • from 01.05. to 31.10.   – between 10 a.m to 6 p.m

On Monday: CLOSED