Cultural and educational events


The administration tries to make the museum more “alive” and closer to the visitors. It has become a tradition with the Regional Museum of Folk Architecture and Life to organize folk-ethnographic and ethno-spiritual festivals. “From Christmas to Epiphany”, “Renewal fest”, “With love for the native country”, “We are bearing Ukraine in our hearts”.

 Folk-ethnographic celebration, festivals;



 Craftsman of the class



 Workshop with useful items





The outdoor museum has good lasting relationships with the schools in town. School teachers know that the museum staff is always willing to help organize meetings and festivals using interactive teaching museum elements and so, when they need the help, they turn to the museum. The purpose of these common activities is raising the interest in the traditions and culture of our ancestors, the respect for the elders and the love for the native country. 


 Getting acquainted to the exhibition




 Art lovers interested in various fields



 Sports competitions



 Concert programs



 Awarding the winners



 Blessing by father Vasile




Leisure time in the middle of nature, celebrating birthdays, business meetings 









The winter games at the museum 


Museum presentation for fairs