Project activities

GA1.  Organizing the project management, coordination and communication activities;

  • Activity 1: Formation and leadership of the project team
  • Activity 2: Project promotion
  • Activity 3: Monitoring and assessment of the project activities

GA2. Acquiring goods, equipment and services necessary for the project development;

  • Activity 1: Issuing the attribution / selection documents
  • Activity 2: Development of the acquisition procedure

GA3. Transfer of good practice, and experience exchanges regarding the knowledge, capitalization and promotion of the patrimony  made at outdoor.

  • Activity 1:  Achieving the experience exchange in the area of the registration of the architectural patrimony
  • Activity 2: Drawing up the catalogue for the cross border traditional architecture
  • Activity 3: Introducing an audio guidance system in the two outdoors museums

Project duration: April, 12th  2011 – October, 11th 2012