“The Romania-Ukraine-Moldova Joint Operational Programme, 2007-2013 is financed by the European Union under the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument and co-financed by the Partner States in the program.”

The project “COMMON TRADITIONAL PATRIMONY – EUROPEAN PROMOTION ELEMENT” aims to bring cultural institutions – museums on both sides of the border – closer together and to strengthen human relationships through common actions and activities which will lead to a better understanding, valorization and promotion of the traditional architectural heritage from both sides of the border.
The main objective of the project is to develop cross-border cooperation with a view to revealing the common social and cultural heritage; this objective can be achieved by enhancing the mutual understanding between museums on both sides of the border.
The project encourages and develops cross-border contacts and cooperation between peer institutions – Bucovina Museum and the Regional Museum of Folk Architecture and Life Chernivsi, focusing on the cultural collaboration beyond the geographical and cultural borders in the field of ethnography and traditional architecture.
One of the specific objectives of the project is to complete an experience exchange in the field of the architectural cultural patrimony inventory between the two outdoor museums and between the 15 Romanian and Ukrainian specialists involved.
The project includes training sessions, documenting visits and work meetings, which aim to bring the specialists from the outdoor museums closer together and to provide the proper conditions for the experience, information and good practices exchange in the field of the architectural cultural heritage. The museum specialists will take part to the information and experience exchange and will learn to develop, in each institution, an electronic inventory of the traditional outdoor architectural objectives owned by the two museums on both sides of the border.
Another objective of the project is the joint valorization and promotion of the architectural heritage owned by the two museums, with a view to improving the museum offer and to stimulate the interest of possible visitors in the cross-Carpathian area.
The two museums will perform joint actions for the cultural and scientific promotion and valorization of their museum heritage, namely elaboration of specialized publications, development of an audio guiding system for outdoor museums and temporary exhibitions. The museum objectives preserved on both sides of the border will be presented and promoted in a traditional architecture catalogue which will show specific household types, interiors, traditional furniture, traditional constructions and annexes.
The temporary exhibitions and the specialized audio guding system will valorise the outdoor museum heritage and will promote the traditional architecture among the members of the Romanian and Ukrainian community.
The project aims to promote and facilitate the public access to values of the traditional architectural patrimony which represent landmarks of cultural heritage in the border area. These goals can be achieved through a good collaboration between the two museums.